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Family Halloween Craft Ideas

Ghost and goblins, witches and wizards -- when these things are named you know what time it is. Halloween is just around the corner, you do not have to let it be boring this year. Your whole family will love these spooky craft ideas and enjoy making them together.

An all around family favorite is carving jack-o-lanterns. Everyone gets to pick their own design and be creative. There are also stencils that can be used to make your jack-o-lantern into a specific shape or object. Using pumpkin carving tools can be very precise with your cuts and saws. While cleaning out the insides of the pumpkins you can always separate the seeds from the goo and keep the seeds. After the pumpkin carving is finished and you have rounded up all your seeds, put them on a baking sheet with a little salt and oil and roast them in the oven. This makes delicious homemade pumpkin seeds.

If you or your children do not like the mess of pumpkins don't worry. You don't have to have the mess to make beautiful pumpkins. Just gather up some scissors, orange construction paper and a marker. Cut your pumpkin shape out of the construction paper and color on a face. This has simple clean-up and still just as creative and unique as carving a real pumpkin.

Everyone knows ghosts are known to scare. Spice up your decorations around your house with this very scary ghost creation. Draw a scary face on a paper place. On the back glue on a white plastic bag as if it is their body. Cut strips in plastic bag and hang with a pipe cleaner. This too if wanted can be drawn and decorated on anyway you choose. Also, you could make some puffy candy corns. All you need for this is black construction paper, scissors, pencil/pen, white craft glue, and white, yellow, and orange tissue paper. To make this you draw a triangle on the black construction paper. After that is done cut you different colored tissue paper in little strands. Next, divide your triangle in 3 different parts. The bottom section should be finished with the yellow tissue paper, the middle with the orange, and finally the top with the white tissue paper. Cut out your triangle and you have a perfect candy corn.

There are many crafts that can be done around Halloween time; it is very simple to come up with your own. Use your imagination and use what you have around the house. Everything does not always have to cost money to be fun. With simple items your whole night can be a blast. So the next time Halloween is right around the corner and you have no decorations or anything for your children to do to cure their boredom, help them do some of these fun craft projects.

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